Friday, February 15, 2008

spend money to save money

those rebate checks that are supposed to help jump-start the economy are in the mail. not yet, anyway, but they will be. every time you turn to a news station there are folks predicting what we will do with this windfall. the government's objective was for us to march down to the nearest store and spend it, and then some. the good angel sitting on our shoulders is telling us to pay down our debt. or, save it.

shall we spend it? or save it?

how about we spend some of it in order to save money over the course of time. let's say, over the course of a growing season. is it coincidence that the checks will arrive in the mail just when we are getting a great start to our gardens? it's perfect timing.

here are 10 ways to spend money in the garden to save money through the summer and beyond:
  • plant a vegetable garden and spend less in the grocery store
  • stretch your veggie garden season with row covers
  • plant a cutting flower garden and spend less for spontaneous hostess gifts
  • use soaker hoses and spend less on your water bill
  • use mulch and spend less on your water bill
  • plant a xeriscape garden and spend less on your water bill
  • plant a shade tree near your home to save cooling costs (ok, that'll take a couple years to kick in)
  • upgrade your hand tools so you don't have to re-purchase cheapo tools that continually break
  • buy a grill and patio furniture and enjoy your backyard and spend less on going out
  • buy perennials with three- or four-season beauty and spend less on seasonally changing your annuals

any other thoughts? i'm sure we can come up with something! happy spending!

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Perry said...

These ideas are great, but I'm not convinced the last one is necessarily a good one. Perennials rarely offer the long season appeal you mention, and let's not forget the maintenance. Perhaps folks might consider starting their own annuals from seed as an alternative, or planting many of the new dwarf flowering shrubs for seasonal appeal.