Thursday, February 14, 2008

if it's thursday...

...then it must be houseplant watering day.

i live in a "garden level" condo (i.e. the rowhouse's basement) so my light levels are pretty dismal. don't get me wrong, i do have windows, but they are small and don't let in too much light.

i do manage to have a few houseplants, though. i position most of them under recessed lights that i leave on a good 14-15 hours each day. my african violets are in absolute heaven and flower constantly. my oldest african violet was a gift from my mom i think back in 1995, so it should be nearly 13 years old. i have had great success with an amaryllis positioned under my kitchen light.

i try to include other green things to enliven the space a bit - mostly philodendrons - and they seem to do ok in the low light. my 18 year old christmas cactus bides its time until it can go outside for the summer. poor thing, stuck inside all winter.

you're thinking, wow, her electric bill must be outlandish. not really, actually. and i'm making a point to swap out my indoor spot lights for compact fluorescent bulbs when they burn out.i replaced the spot light over my kitchen sink with a compact fluorescent and the light quality isn't as nice. i think it's because it's not a spot light, which is what i had lived with for four years. i haven't found a compact fluorescent indoor spot bulb yet, so if anyone knows of a brand, please let me know.

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