Monday, February 11, 2008

can the "green" in green marketing be backfiring?

a report from Getty Images thinks the "green" in green marketing may indeed be wearing out it's welcome. by "green" i mean the actual color green, not the "eco-friendly" or "money" aspect of it. here's a quote from Getty Image's second MAP Report (what Makes A Picture):

“Expect the future to be any color but green because right now everybody uses green (and darker shades are predominant). The environment comes in all colors, and visual clich├ęs do not compel interest. Expect to see a backlash on all familiar environmental iconography. Innovators will embrace the mucky, the messy, the colorful.”

Getty's MAP report had some other interesting "green" revelations, and you can find a link to the report on the Environmental Leader web site.

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